Thursday, 2 June 2011

Details About the Chase

What is a “Chase”?
A “Chase” style run allows for gender/age neutrality. Your start time is based on your age and gender.
An example would be like this:
A female between the ages 40-44 would have a 4 minute head start over a male aged 20-34.
Here are the start times for all the age groups:
Gender Age Group Start TimeStart StaggerPrev Group Stagger
Women 65+ 10:00:00am0:000:00
Women 60-64 10:02:21am2:212:21
Women 55-59 10:04:24am4:242:03
Women 50-54 10:05:52am5:521:28
Women 14 & Under 10:06:30am6:300:38
Men 65+ 10:06:34am6:340:24
Women 45-49 10:07:43am7:431:09
Men 60-64 10:07:43am7:430:00
Men 14 & Under 10:08:30am8:300:47
Men 55-59 10:08:45am8:450:45
Women 40-44 10:08:52am8:520:07
Women 15 - 19 10:010:31am9:310:39
Women 35-39 10:010:34am9:340:03
Men 50-54 10:010:43am9:430:09
Women 20-34 10:010:57am9:570:14
Men 45-49 10:10:36am10:360:39
Men 40-44 10:11:25am11:250:49
Men 15 -19 10:11:57am11:570:32
Men 35-39 10:12:42am12:420:45
Men 20-34 10:12:51am12:510:09
©Cornwall Multisport Club
The winner is the first person that crosses the finish line.
For the 1 Run 2 Remember Chase, we will be awarding the first 3 males and first 3 females with medals.
It is a really fun way to run a 5 km race. Not to mention that the Chase runs along the shore of the St. Lawrence river. This is going to be one run to remember...

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